breath sampling 

Breath sampling is the most crucial process which needs to minimize the artifacts

breath analysis

Breath analysis is done by an  real-time mass spectrometer

Breath data

A library of human breath is established with data from clinical studies

AI analysis

AI algorithm is used for data analysis

About us

Non-invasive breath test is the future

Breathonix develops non-invasive breath tests for disease detection. With its proprietary breath sampling device and data analysis algorithms, the company has successfully demonstrated early detection of lung cancer in a clinical study. Breathonix aims to save lives by detecting lung cancer in the earlier stages. The technology is also promising for other diseases such as acute coronary syndromes. The long-term vision of Breathonix is to develop portable devices for breath tests, so that patients can monitor for a number of diseases through their breaths, at home

Our Solution

Our solution is detecting diseases such as lung cancer by analyzing volatile biomarkers in exhaled breath. Human breath contains thousands of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are produced by metabolic activities. Lung cancer development causes changes in metabolic activities therefore detectable changes in breath VOC profile.

The key to successful breath tests

The biomarkers in human breath present in extremely low concentrations (ppb). It is easy to be affected by environmental noise. The key to successful breath tests is the breath sampling process. Our proprietary breath sampler enables accurate sample collection. 

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