Breathonix Publishes Groundbreaking Study on Breath VOCs in Metabolomics Journal

Singapore, June 20, 2024: Breathonix Pte Ltd (“Breathonix”), a pioneering company in breath analysis technology, today announced the publication of a peer-reviewed study in the journal Metabolomics – ‘A study of 9 common breath VOCs in 504 healthy subjects using PTR-TOF-MS’. The results underscore the potential of Proton-Transfer-Reaction Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) for real-time measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in exhaled breath, highlighting its application in health assessment and disease detection.

The study, featured in the Metabolomics Special Issue, enrolled 504 healthy adults to investigate the effects of demographic factors—gender, age, and smoking history—on the concentrations of nine common VOCs: acetone, acetaldehyde, acetonitrile, ethanol, isoprene, methanol, propanol, phenol, and toluene.

PTR-MS technology allows for the real-time analysis of VOCs, offering crucial insights into breath biomarkers. The study revealed significant demographic influences on VOC profiles, with males showing higher average levels for specific compounds. Additionally, propanol and methanol concentrations increased with age, and smoking history markedly impacted VOC levels, with notable differences among non-smokers, current smokers, and ex-smokers.

The findings underscore the potential of breath analysis for non-invasive health monitoring and clinical diagnosis. By capturing dynamic VOC changes, PTR-MS offers advantages over traditional methods, paving the way for advancements in disease detection.

Breathonix is dedicated to advancing breath analysis technology, focusing on developing non-invasive, easy-to-use diagnostic tests for various health conditions. This study lays a strong foundation for future research, emphasizing the importance of considering demographic variables in breath biomarker studies.

For more information about the study and Breathonix’s innovative breath analysis solutions, visit Breathonix’s website.

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